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Common Causes of Tooth Pain

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The tooth pain you feel isn’t normal. Often, tooth pain is an indication of a more serious problem. At Milltown Family Dentistry, serving Carrboro, NC and the nearby region, we understand that tooth pain is more than just a nuisance. Moreover, we understand that severe discomfort can interfere with your daily life. We advise our patients to understand the common causes of tooth pain and seek out care as soon as possible to find a solution.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a common cause of a toothache. It occurs when acid-producing bacteria destroy your tooth’s enamel. As the cavity progresses, it eats away at the enamel and reaches the dentin – which is the much more sensitive area underneath your tooth’s enamel. You might notice your tooth is sensitive to hot and cold as well as touch.

Periodontal Disease & Gum Recession

If you have gum disease, you might notice your gums hurt. However, this issue can also cause your teeth to hurt as well. As your gums recede due to gum disease, it exposes your gums. As a result, you might have tooth pain.


An infection known as an abscess can cause pain. An abscess occurs when a pocket of pus forms at the root of your tooth. The infection begins to damage tissue, which ultimately results in pain.

Chipped, Fractured, or Cracked Tooth

Damage to your tooth, such as a fracture, crack, or chip, can cause you tooth pain, particularly if you expose the dentin. If the damage is serious enough that it affects the pulp of your tooth, it may hurt even worse.

Bruxism & TMJ

Individuals who grind or clench their teeth may notice they have recurring tooth pain. It’s even possible for these bad habits to damage your teeth and cause more than just discomfort. Although TMJ doesn’t directly cause tooth pain, you may notice your jaw hurts.

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