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Is Phantom Tooth Pain Normal After Dental Surgery?

If you’ve recently gotten dental surgery and now feel a persistent pain in the place where the oral surgery was performed, you might be suffering from phantom tooth pain. Read our blog post to learn what phantom tooth pain is, symptoms, how it is diagnosed and what treatment options are available.

Can Dental Implants Cause Headaches?

If you are missing one or several teeth, you have likely considered getting dental implants, but may be reluctant to have this reasonably simple surgery that could positively revolutionize your life because of talk that dental implants cause migraine headaches. Read our blog post to learn what is behind this concern and clear the air regarding dental implants.

4 Ways to Prepare for a Dental Emergency

You may not often consider that medical emergencies will be of a dental nature, but it’s important to be prepared for a dental emergency just as you are for any other medical emergency. Read our blog post to discover how you can be prepared!

How Oral Health Is Linked to Acne

Are you afflicted by frustrating acne around your mouth? Read our blog post to discover why your acne could be caused by your oral health. If you’re overdue for your 6-month dental cleaning and checkup, contact us to schedule your next appointment at our office.

Can a Dentist Help Me Sleep Better?

Are you constantly tired, even after a full night’s rest? You may be struggling with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Read our blog post to discover how our dentists can treat your sleep apnea with a snoreguard. Contact us ASAP to get a better night’s sleep!

What Are Teeth Made Of?

Read our blog post to learn about the 3 layers of your teeth: enamel, dentin, and pulp. We also explain why chipped and lost adult teeth don’t grow back. Are you interested in restorative or cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile’s appearance? Call our dental practice to schedule your next appointment!

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Check out our blog post to ease any fears you may have about getting dental X-rays taken at the dentist. We explain their purpose, who needs them, and if they are safe (hint: yes!). Contact our office today if you have more questions or concerns regarding why we recommend dental X-rays.

Should I Brush My Dog’s Teeth?

Our blog post explains why you should brush your dog’s teeth and shares tips on how to make it go smoothly. Remember to take care of your own smile. Visit our affordable dental practice for general, restorative, and cosmetic care. We offer many different financial options so you can get the care you need. Call us today!