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Dental Fillings in Carrboro, NC

Cavities are fairly common, and even patients who take exceptionally good care of their teeth and gums may end up with a cavity or two in their lifetime. Scheduling routine dental cleanings and exams and exams with our team at least twice per year allows us to assess your teeth and catch any tooth decay in its earliest stages when it can be easily treated with a simple dental filling. To schedule your next appointment with us, please call our office or send us a message so we can determine a convenient time for you to visit our office.

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Do tooth fillings hurt?

Before the treatment begins, the teeth and gums are always numbed with an injection of local anesthetic. Then, the decayed area of the tooth is carefully removed with a dental drill, and the patient may feel some pressure, but no pain. Once the tooth is prepped, a composite filling is applied in the tooth, and our team ensures that it fits properly and looks natural. You shouldn’t feel any pain once the numbness wears off, but it’s never a bad idea to have some over-the-counter pain medication on hand just in case you experience any discomfort.

Should I get a filling or a crown?

Dental crowns are more invasive than dental fillings, as more of the tooth has to be removed for the crown to fit over it comfortably. Fillings are more commonly used if a tooth only has slight to moderate tooth decay, and it is healthy enough to support a filling. If tooth decay isn’t treated in time, it can spread and become worse, which can make it necessary to receive a crown instead. If you aren’t sure which treatment you need, our team would be happy to examine your smile and make a recommendation during your next appointment with us.

How long do dental fillings last?

Dental fillings can last between 10 to 20 years. While there are no food restrictions with dental fillings, we recommend that you avoid bad habits like chewing ice or hard candy to help ensure that your fillings and natural teeth remain in good shape for as long as possible. Every time you chew or clench your teeth, pressure is being put on the filling, which means it will likely need to be replaced eventually. If you ever start to feel like a filling is coming loose or it falls out completely, our team would be happy to replace it.

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